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The Shift Show

Mar 25, 2016

In business, there are ups and downs. It's just the way it goes. We have failures and then, hopefully we have success. I know that it so easy to get on social media and caught up in the comparison trap. With Blissful Eats and the podcast I have been sharing a lot about my success.  In general, it's really hard for me to stop and celebrate little things. I'm the type of person that just is like, "On to the next thing." Something I'm trying to do is just stop and celebrate.

After I posted a recent success on Facebook, I realized that my Facebook is totally my highlight reel. I haven't shared many of my struggles, but at the same time that's what social media is, isn't it? I'm such a positive person and I'm very optimistic. I'm totally a glass half full person. I like to say I'm a realistic-optimist, so it's not in my nature to just really share any of the huge struggles we have with Blissful Eats or as an entrepreneur in general.  I try and keep it real in other ways especially as a working mom. I just wanted to stop and take a second and just be transparent. When you see all the success that someone is having, really what you're not seeing is all the failures that they have had along the way.

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