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The Shift Show

Jan 20, 2021

Many struggling influencers only rely on recipe or how to content to grow their audience.

In today's podcast I'm showing why this is a failed strategy. And what content you should be creating to create that connection with your people so you can grow your perfect audience!

Want more help creating content?

Let’s get...

Jan 18, 2021

Jan 13, 2021

Many people start their business and think they will immediately be successful.  Success takes work and you need to have the strategies in place to help you get there.  In this episode I will help you outline lessons to help you find success in 2021.

You’ll hear: 

  • What you can do to be more focused on your work
  • Steps...

Jan 11, 2021

2020 brought so many lessons, lessons we didn't know we needed.  In this episode of The Shift Show, I bring my husband, Dan Culver on to talk about Facebook Ads.  We will talk about ads, content, and how they played out for us and our clients in 2020.  Use these tips to help you keep your ads going in 2021.  


Jan 4, 2021

In today’s world, more and more business owners feel tied to their business.  But here's the secret- it’s not about you.  In this episode of The Shift Show, I talk with Elaine Lou Cartas all about things you can do to dissociate from your business and better serve your clients, all while soaring in your profits.