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The Shift Show

Feb 22, 2016

Erika Welsh is the co-founder of Wild Friends Foods, an all-natural foods company that makes both flavored and plain nut & seed butters.  She started this company serendipitously back in 2011 when she and her college roommate were munching on peanut butter and celery and ran out of peanut butter!  Instead of going to the store to buy more, they pulled out their food processor and a bag of peanuts they just so happened to have in their pantry.  Once the food processor was running, they started combining all sorts of ingredients into the peanut butter and came up with many flavors that they immediately put in jars with a label and gave away to all of their friends! What was intended to be an afternoon project quickly snowballed into a business and the girls never looked back!  They left school to pursue their dreams of everyone having the opportunity to try Wild Friends! In 2012, Erika and Keeley appeared on Shark Tank which helped them gain tons of national exposure and has helped them go from farmer's markets to 9,000 stores in just about 5 years!


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