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The Shift Show

Jul 25, 2022

395: How to Get to Your Goals FASTER (Reach your business goals FAST) with Brad Bizjack

In this episode of The Shift Show, I talk with Brad Bizjack. Brad is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs come alive in their businesses. He helps people get to the next level of success in their businesses. Brad maximizes people’s...

Jul 18, 2022

Can you really be productive and focused as a mom and CEO? In this live I’m chatting with our ELEVATE client @parfaitementbilingue about how she took the leap from teaching to entrepreneur.

You’ll hear:

  • Exactly how to plan your week so your productivity and leave the mom guilt behind
  • Why her business helps her be...

Jul 11, 2022

Beth is a client inside our ELEVATE program and is truly Iconic because of her mission to make an impact on the world. In this interview, Beth shares her one go to exercise that will help you get media now. After you do the exercise comment below so we can hear from you!

You’ll hear:

  • Practical tips and tricks...

Jul 4, 2022

In this episode I talk with Ren Lenhoff about carving your own path. We talk about how to stay committed to your long term vision &  how to stop working all the time and make your life so much bigger. Ren Lenhoff has been able to bring in new hobbies in her life, reduce the hours she’s working, and raise her prices...