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The Shift Show

Feb 25, 2016

Amanda is a digital marketing consultant, mom of two, and personal trainer. Amanda has spent over 10 years helping women get fit and healthy and now she enjoys the privilege of helping female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry generate significant income with the purpose of recirculating wealth back out to their family, church, and community. Amanda uses her expertise in digital marketing and passion for wellness to empower female entrepreneurs to succeed with their small business.

Can you explain why having a unique purpose is so important?

As entrepreneurs we will inevitably hit up against challenges and hurdles, and if we have a purpose statement it really helps us to push past those challenges and hurdles. It also helps other people understand why they should invest in our business.

What is one or two action items to help us figure out our unique purpose?

This is definitely not something that will come immediately. If the listeners sit down immediately today for an hour and think, ‘Gosh! I need to land on this purpose that drives me? It most likely won’t come immediately. In fact for me it’s been a process over the past several years where I’ve really thought, ‘Gosh? What wakes me up in the morning? What truly fires me up? Whose problems do I really want to solve? What makes me angry?’

But I have to say, it’s important for people to be honest with themselves as well. Maybe a few people heard my purpose and they thought, ‘Wow? That sounds so great. I’m just going to make my purpose be that purpose.’ It really doesn’t work like that; we have to be honest with ourselves and really got to sit back and think, ‘Why am I gonna continue serving my audience even when I hit up against enormous challenges?’ In fact my husband even earlier this year he said to me after I hit up against major, major issues he said: ‘Anyone else I know would have quit. They wo

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