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The Shift Show

May 6, 2024

In today’s episode, I want to share how we’re building an ecosystem of sales with our offers at different levels of investment. I share why I revisited low-ticket offers, how doing this is helping to build trust and value with our customers, plus allowing for some fun and creativity in my business.

I put our clients first, and our number one value at Elevated is service. Remember, when clients come into your business and your world, they naturally stay and ascend, and really the only way to do this is to put your clients first. That is why this is such an important episode and topic to discuss with you today! 

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Key Highlights:

  • How I am here for the long-term and what having this mindset means for us and our clients [2:30]

  • Introducing the Stack the Cash program and the intent we have with it [4:35]

  • The importance of building up your sales from a place where you feel solid every single month [5:44]

  • The reasons why I revisited low-ticket offers and the ways in which my opinion of them has shifted [7:40]

  • What to know about low-ticket entry points as a business owner [9:33]

  • How to use very specific low-ticket offers to help build massive trust and value [10:46]

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