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The Shift Show

Mar 11, 2024

As with our episode last week, I want to share another Instagram Live I recently did as a way to connect with you and develop relationships with you on that platform. Doing these live broadcasts is definitely not something that I am accustomed to, and this is actually the very first one I did when stepping out of my comfort zone at the start of this year, so you’ll hear the stumbles and a bit of nervousness on my part. However, in 2024 I am going to lean into this discomfort, and I invite you to come along for the journey and do this as well, so we can do it together. By committing together to doing the uncomfortable, this is where we’ll all see the momentum and growth come from.

Make sure to listen to the podcast over the next few weeks as I bring you more of these “Pass the Mic” Instagram Live episodes, in the hopes that they will inspire and motivate you too!  

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I’ll see you next week with a brand-new episode! 

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Key Highlights: 

  • A bit about my personal and business goals for 2024 [2:29]

  • The ways that I’ve been focusing on speaking, “passing myself the mic” and creating my own platforms [3:20]

  • How I made the realization that my big message doesn’t need to be perfectly curated [4:59]

  • What I did to lean into the uncomfortable [8:59]

  • More on the real intention and purpose I have for doing these Instagram Lives [11:53]

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