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The Shift Show

Aug 21, 2023

In this episode of The Shift Show, I have a phenomenal chat with Michelle Lake, a master in both triathlon training and the world of sales. You know, the parallels between these two worlds are absolutely intriguing. Let’s dive in and see how athletic training can teach us about scalable income and authentic business growth!

Nicole Culver and Michelle Lake smiling, representing the article titled 'Scaling Income: Athletic Lessons in Business' which explores the intersection of athletic training and scalable business strategies

Understanding Scalable Income Through Athletic Training

What Exactly is Scalable Income?

Picture this: You train for a marathon. Every mile you run adds to your stamina, doesn’t it? Similarly, scalable income is like increasing your business stamina without exhausting yourself. It's about earning more without burning out—just like how athletes train smarter, not harder. But sometimes, there are 3 major obstacles holding you back from a scalable business. It's essential to identify and overcome these.

Why the Hype About Scalable Income?

With the world spinning so fast, aren’t we all looking for ways to make the most of our time? The right scalable business model is not just about the money; it's about freedom, flexibility, and, most importantly, living our passion authentically. That's the dream, right?

Michelle Lake’s Take: Practice Makes Perfect!

Athletic Training Meets Sales

Michelle dazzled us with her perspective on sales, relating it to athletic training. Just as an athlete gets better with practice, so does a salesperson. With over 300 sales calls experience, Michelle's key takeaway? Confidence and absolute love for what you're offering. And guess what? I couldn’t agree more! Check out Michelle's coaching page to dive deeper into her expertise.

Directness and Authenticity in Connecting

In our chat, Michelle and I touched upon something fundamental - the magic of direct communication. Being genuine and straightforward, especially when conveying the value of what you're offering, can be a game-changer.

Debunking the Myth: Size Isn’t Everything!

The Power of a Dedicated Audience

A massive following isn’t the golden ticket to success. Surprise! Michelle is living proof that even with a smaller, dedicated audience, you can achieve wonders. It's not about how many; it's about how dedicated and engaged.

Consistency Over Campaigns

Flashy campaigns can be great, but have you tried consistent, year-round efforts? Michelle's journey emphasizes that real success lies in genuine connections and providing solutions to genuine problems. However, for those looking to scale up their efforts, understanding the 7-figure evergreen secrets can make all the difference.

The Role of Community in Scalable Growth

Community is everything, isn't it? Michelle’s nod to the guidance and support from our "Elevate" program melts my heart. Just goes to show that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Authenticity is the New Currency

Numbers don’t paint the whole picture. Authenticity does. Let’s champion the cause of genuine business, real connections, and yes, scalable income! Remember, it's about working smart, being real, and touching lives.

If you’re on the fence about building a scalable income, Michelle’s story is a must-listen! Connect with Michelle on Instagram @CoachMichelleelleLake to learn more about her business and how she helps triathletes and coaches.