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The Shift Show

May 27, 2024

A revolution is here, and this is the official first episode of our Elevated Summer Series! I am so excited to be bringing you these episodes where I’ll be talking about all the things that I am so passionate about in life and business.

In this first installment today, I share the reasons why I shift my schedule over the summers, how I get my team onboard with these shifts, and the ways in which this new revolution is going to lead to the best and most profitable summer ever. 

The best part? You are in total control of your business and your life, so you get to design it like this too. What do you want? What is in the way? What is your biggest constraint stopping you? Make sure to watch for future episodes where I’ll be going deeper into how you can fully step into your Elevated CEO summer!

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Key Highlights:

  • Where to start in identifying what is not working right now [3:14]

  • Being joyful in the day-to-day [7:20]

  • How taking CEO time isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity, and the ways you can start doing this too [9:54]

  • Why getting clarity on what you want in your business and life is so critical [10:54]

  • The role that building the right beliefs will play in ensuring you a wildly successful summer [14:28]

  • Tips for getting your team on board [16:18]

  • A reminder to give yourself permission to just go for it [19:56]

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