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The Shift Show

May 20, 2024

I am so excited to bring you this Instagram Live I did with my friend Mel Abraham, and I strongly believe that this conversation should be required listening for everyone who wants to have a better relationship with money, in a really practical way. 

Mel was truly one of the first people to help us get our money in order a few years ago, and what we have been able to do because of just one conversation we had with him has absolutely blown my mind, and I am forever grateful for that! 

In this episode, Mel drops so many practical tips to help you manage your money better, and to know where to start when doing so. Let us know what you thought of this episode over on Instagram, @melabraham9 and @nicoleculver, and I highly recommend you pre-order a copy of Mel’s brand-new book, Building Your Money Machine, and get over $1,300 of free wealth building bonuses, at

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Key Highlights:

  • Why Mel says that balance doesn’t really exist, but we do need harmony and intentionality how we spend our time [7:50]

  • The key reasons to have multiple income streams right now and how to starting using this strategy [10:36]

  • How having a job description for every dollar you bring in will help in the process of building your money making machine [13:52]

  • A reminder that financial freedom is possible for everyone, no matter your age or stage of life or circumstances, but you need to start now [19:33]

  • Why you’ll want to make sure that you're running your own race, and not someone else’s [21:36]

  • Time matters, so start exercising these money muscles now [23:15]

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