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The Shift Show

Apr 8, 2024

The more people we talk to, the more people are saying that things don't quite work the way they used to, but how does doubling your evergreen sales and maintaining a 50 percent-plus profit margin sound? In today’s episode, Dan joins me to talk about how more leads don’t equal more sales and we share a different approach that focuses on profit margins. We also reveal how we’ve gotten our business to a place where we have our team optimized to run smoothly. 

What we share will not only make your business profitable, but more enjoyable, as you learn how a focused approach on quality over quantity can totally transform your revenue and team dynamics! 

To get our free training on the three funnels that we use to have sales every single week, our new evergreen model, then DM me the word “evergreen” on Instagram, @nicoleculver, and I will send it to you. As well, to learn more about Elevate and to see if you’re a good fit, send a DM with the word “Elevate” and we’ll get you the info! 

I’ll see you next week with a brand-new episode! 

If you’re ready to step into the role of an Elevated CEO, to bring more cash into your business and to discover the #1 thing you should be focusing on, fill out an application for a 1-on-1 Elevated CEO session at and we’ll walk you through it! 

Key Highlights: 

  • How to double your revenue without getting more leads [2:35]

  • Our advice if you’re just coming off the heels of your launch [8:08]

  • Where people are going wrong in their approach to a launch, and what to do with qualified, quality leads that will change everything [11:37]

  • The way in which the variety of the leads you get can be a fake number for your business [13:51]

  • Why it’s so important to leave the emotions behind when having business conversations with your team as the CEO [19:07]

  • A look at how we have built and optimized our team, one by one [23:12]

  • Where to spend your time and money when hiring that makes sense the most sense for your business [28:12]

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