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The Shift Show

Apr 8, 2019

In this episode I'm talking about the tools I love and use in my business and my clients’ business. These are affiliate links and with some I am able to offer a discount to you!

4 Basic Tools I LOVE:

Convert Kit: This is the email service I use and LOVE. Get 30 days free using my link + no credit card required!

Membervault! This is what SHIFT U is set up on. It is amazing and I’m in love. Click here to join. They have a free version that’s awesome.

Businessese: Contracts, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and MORE. Danielle rocks and I TRUST her fully. I have purchased and use her contracts monthly.  Use code shift25 for 25% off.

MILO TREE: Try Milo Tree FREE for 30 Days with my link! Click here.

2 Higher Level Tools:

Leadpages: This is the landing page software I use. It is VERY easy and highly converts. Click here for my link.

Thrivecart: This is what we currently use for checkout. It’s a one time payment which I love and you can do order bumps and up sells. Use this link.

BEST Hosting: Siteground

SamCart: Free 14 day trial. I have used this in the past and I love it. Right now I use Thrivecart, but if you only need a shopping cart for a short term, I recommend doing the trial for this. I DO NOT recommend woocommerce. It is very buggy and difficult.

Clickfunnels: This is a great all in one solution for landing pages, checkout and a members area. If you want all in one, this is it.

Expert Secrets Book: This is a MUST READ book for business. The book is free, but you will be offered products. It’s a great book.

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